My Blog

My blog is about my daily life or it can also be about random stuff .
If I get bored I can easily blog about my interest or even my friends .

About Me 

You can call me Snail , as it is my nickname since Primary 5 .
I'm studying in Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan now , in Year 7H .

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I'm half Chinese & Half Malay .
& Iban Descent .
But I'm Muslim .
I can't really speak Chinese .
I can only speak a little bit of Mandarin & Hokkien .

That's why when new people see me .
They will surely think I'm Chinese -.-' 

I'm a boy ( In case you think I'm a girl ) .
I love Green , color of nature .
I'm an emotion type .
I'm sensitive too .
I'm not poor nor rich .
I have great friends .
I'm always lonely .
I get bored easily .
I like to lie ( Which is not good ) .
I stutter .
I enjoy playing/surfing the internet .
My favorite instrument is the piano .
I like to sing , dance & jump .
I enjoy doing Homeworks ( Not really ) .
I have headaches everyday -.-'

Weird Stuff About Me :

I like to learn about Spiritual Activities , Paranormal .
Currently now I'm practicing Telekinesis & Astral Project .
( If it's forbidden in Islam tell me A.S.A.P. ! )
I can see ghosts & other weird figures .
Sometimes I got visions .
When I lost something I use the ground or even my mind to find it .
I can see Auras .
I can even see People's Souls .

Hm I think that's it .
If I forgot something I will surely add it .
Until now ,
May Allah Bless You xx .