Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Utama Bowling

   It's been a long I didn't go to Utama Bowling . Great to see my friends again ^.^' There were lots of people . I was with T.Isabel along with Daniel , Hariz , Wen Ching , Shawn , Thompson & others , I forgot . Rasyid & Amirul were beside me . At least can talk with each other . I strike two times but the first one Fawl , Foul or something . Ouwh , I also met my Bffs again : Hassanol , Nabilah & Hamizul . They were Healthy . Rasyid's so Awesome one ! Cause T.Jo was with them . 

   We only ate at Jollibee . Many people say that the food & drinks there very expensive . I only brought $10 . Melody also gave me a 'le' & a thing . To Melody : Thanks for the 'le' & the thing . Anyways , T.Cecil's group Won . 500 + Points . My group 300 + points . There's also a Trophy for the BEST boy & girl highest scores . Boy = Amir & Girl = Fira . Really FUN . I can't wait for the Masquerade Night ! :D Okey , Bye guys . 

Beach Fun Day

   It was GREAT ! I came early though ... But Rasyid & Amirul came late ( No Offense ) . I brought my Sun Block ( But tired to use it ) , towel , x-tra T-shirt , Camera , Hand Phone , Tissues & Drinks . About 30 + people join the activity . These are the people that I remember joining : Rasyid , Amirul , Fairuz , Yasier , Zahirah , Qawi , Fauzan , Ikram , Azman , Razzaq , Jamilin , Haziqah , Haziqah's Brother ( ikr ) , Daniel , Mateen , Kamilah & etc ... We use the " Caterpillar Bus " . Well , I don't know if you guys call it caterpillar bus or not . We we're grouped . 3 teams . Team A , B & C . I was in Team C with Teacher Jo , Isabel & Joan . I sat beside Amirul in the Bus . Fairuz with Zahirah , Rasyid with Razzaq . It took us 30 minutes . 

   When we were walking . We saw a bottle of drug , colored green . It was really Fun . We'd played 3 games , I think . Pulling the rope , find a marble & a balloon & carry the teacher . For Team C carry Teacher Jo . Team B rules :'( They won for every games ! After finished playing I took pictures . Ikram played his Nerf , some played football & etc ... My body still hurts ! That's for now :) Miss you guys ! 


Sunday, October 24, 2010


If something is secret, it is known about by only a small number of people, and is not told or shown to anyone else.
A secret is a fact that is known by only a small number of people, and is not told to anyone else.
If you say that someone can keep a secret, you mean that they can be trusted not to tell other people a secret that you have told them.

   Most of my friends like Rasyid , Arif , Jovial , Wasimatul , Nabilah , Hassanol , Amirul & others love to share their secrets to me . & I love to share mine to them too . It's fun sharing secrets , but you have to really trust him/her . Secrets are very important . 

MuslimsWhat he is due to defaulting
                Defaulting is hypocritical
   This is for now (: See ya ! 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Heaven & Hell .


   The Qur'an contains many references to an afterlife in Eden for those who do good deeds. Regarding the concept of heaven (Jannah) in the Qu'ran, verse 35 of Surah Al-Ra’d says, "The parable of the Garden which the righteous are promised! Beneath it flow rivers. Perpetual is the fruits thereof and the shade therein. Such is the End of the Righteous; and the end of the unbelievers is the Fire."[Qur'an 13:35] Islam rejects the concept of original sin, and Muslims believe that all human beings are born pure. Children automatically go to heaven when they die, regardless of the religion of their parents. The highest level of heaven is Firdaus (فردوس)- Paradise (پردیس), to which the prophets, martyrs and other pious people will go at the time of their death.[38]

The concept of heaven in Islam differs in many respects to the concept in Judaism and Christianity. Heaven is described primarily in physical terms as a place where every wish is immediately fulfilled when asked. Islamic texts describe immortal life in heaven as happy, without negative emotions. Those who dwell in heaven are said to wear costly apparel, partake in exquisite banquets, and recline on couches inlaid with gold or precious stones. Inhabitants will rejoice in the company of their parents, wives, and children. In Islam if one's good deeds weigh out one's sins then one may gain entrance to heaven. Conversely, if one's sins outweigh their good deeds they are sent to hell. The more good deeds one has performed the higher the level of heaven one is directed to. It has been said that the lowest level of heaven is one-hundred times better than the greatest life on earth. The highest level is the seventh heaven, in which God can be seen and where anything is possible. Palaces are built by angels for the occupants using solid gold.
Verses which describe heaven include
Islamic texts refer to several levels of heaven:
  • Firdaus or Paradise
  • 'Adn
  • Na'iim
  • Na'wa
  • Darussalaam
  • Daarul Muaqaamah
  • Al-Muqqamul Amin
  • Khuldi

Muslims believe in jahannam (in Arabic: جهنم) (which is related to the Hebrew word gehinnom and resembles the versions of Hell inChristianity). In the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam, there are literal descriptions of the condemned in a fiery Hell, as contrasted to the garden-like Paradise (jannah) enjoyed by righteous believers.
In addition, Heaven and Hell are split into many different levels depending on the actions perpetrated in life, where punishment is given depending on the level of evil done in life, and good is separated into other levels depending on how well one followed God while alive. The gate of Hell is guarded by Maalik who is the leader of the angels assigned as the guards of hell also known as Zabaaniyah. The Quran states that the fuel of Hellfire is rocks/stones (idols) and human beings.
Although generally Hell is often portrayed as a hot steaming and tormenting place for sinners, there is one Hell pit which is characterized differently from the other Hell in Islamic tradition. Zamhareer is seen as the coldest and the most freezing Hell of all; yet its coldness is not seen as a pleasure or a relief to the sinners who committed crimes against God. The state of the Hell of Zamhareer is a suffering of extreme coldness, of blizzards, ice, and snow which no one on this earth can bear. The lowest pit of all existing Hells is the Hawiyah which is meant for the hypocrites and two-faced people who claimed to believe in Allah and His messenger by the tongue but denounced both in their hearts.Hypocrisy is considered to be one of the most dangerous sins, and so is Shirk.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Same Life


   We have the same life . Whose " we " ? We = Me & Melody . We also have the same ideas & characteristics . We both can see ******** ****** . I can't tell you guys . Cause when I was chatting with melody just now she said No one know cept' u . As you can tell , she wants to keep it as a secret . We also discussed about our blog ( Kinda ) . http://hassanal-melody.blogspot.com/ . We just started our 1st post today . " Introduction " . 

Thursday, October 21, 2010


   I reallyx3 wanna add AdSense to my blog . But I don't really know a lot about it yet . I asked Melody if she suggested me to add it , she said Up To You . So how ? Anymore suggestion or something ? 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Website

   I didn't blog lately cause I'm busy editing my Website . & Sorry I didn't blog yesterday cause my sister-in-law's brother's wedding was yesterday . Their wedding was awesome . Tired to blog about their wedding cause VERY long . Anyways , I'm working on my website --- > http://notatypicalboy.webs.com/ . Sorry if it's Horrible . I try to blog tomorrow ! :D


Monday, October 18, 2010

Living Without Death

   I kept on saying " Living Without Death " for the past few days . I don't know why ... It just came out from my Mouth . Since then I've been thinking , is it possible to live without dying ? I mean c'mon , everyone's gonna die , right ? Is it really possible to live forever even though the universe collapse ? Well it is possible for Allah & other Gods of course . 

   ( This have nothing to do with the title ) I'm gonna make a website . So can you guys send me a Message at Facebook . My Facebook --- > http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000017289094 . Send me a REAL Ghost Story & I'm also gonna post your stories at my website & also gonna post a Great Story ( Only the ones I pick )  from True Singapore Ghost Story book . Pls !!! Tell you're friends about it too ! Or just send me a message at my E-mail : scientist9229@hotmail.com . There's a lot MORE about my website so just wait & see . Thanks . 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Mall with Rasyid

   I didn't blog yesterday cause I have NO IDEA what to blog about . 

   I never expected that I'm REALLY gonna go jalanx2 with Rasyid today . Yesterday my Mom asked me to go jalanx2 with Rasyid to The Mall . Then I told him during Ugama School he said : Ow . Today all of us went to Hua Ho Manggis . We ate at Sugar Bun . Since I was really bored , I told my Mom to call Rasyid's Mom if we can go jalanx2 together . Then she said Yes . We met at Triple M / Star caused we need to buy a Mask again there . Our Mask are really Ugly ! >.< ~ I guess .

   After that Rasyid followed my car & my Dad dropped us at Best Eastern ! :D My mom gave me $ 20 while  Rasyid's Mom gave him $ 25 . At first I wanna buy TSGS at Best Eastern since it was really expensive I decided not to buy it . We went up & down the escalator . At the beginning , we played at UNI . We also ate at KFC & the small restaurant selling drinks & Creeps . We also ate Ice-Cream . Vanilla Ice-Cream . Luckily our money were enough . I wanted to use the Lift to go down , Basement 1 . But we used a different lift . I thought the lift was stuck cause it took us 5-10 minutes just to wait until it was ready for us to use it . ^.^ This is the fun part . When we went in , the door seems stuck to me so I shouted until the people outside heard me . I wasn't embarrass though ... But we took the wrong lift . When we came out it was in a middle of a parking . So we changed lift again . 

   Melody was right ! O.O' I'm really Violent . Cause one of the games at UNI was stuck , so I hit & punched the machine so badly ! :D But it's really fun . I wanted to bring my Camera & phone along but my Mom said No need . We were in the Mall for 4 hours ! Fun ! Fun ! Fun ! 


Friday, October 15, 2010

Miri ( Today )

   Today Miri was a little bit interesting cause I got to buy something -.-' I just wanna tell you guys , I'm not interested in shopping . When I saw boys / girls go shopping it's really kinda weird to me . Especially if I see boys go shopping , small boys . I SELDOM buy things , even though I go KK kah or Singapore , I only buy a few things only . I don't know why ... That's why sometimes my mom force me to buy things . 

   Anyways , only me & parents go to Miri . We departed from home around 7:30 am . I brought along my TSGS # 16 , 2 mineral bottles & a plastic , in case need to throw something . We stopped by one of the restaurants at Tutong ( Tutong District ) . My mom told me a Legendary Story about the river opposite to the Restaurant we ate . My Mom said that Long Ago , there's a Large Furious Dragon living underneath the river , came up & roar ! All the people were shocked & frightened . My Mom also said that the Dragon was very Beautiful . That's all ... ( I don't know if you guys believe it or not . It's up to you ) . 

   First we went to my Mom's Sister's House . Then we went to a seafood Restaurant . After that , we went to Parkson . There we bought my T-Shirt , 3 Jeans , my nephew's & niece's T-Shirt . I also bought TSGS ( True Singapore Ghost Story ) Book # 18 , # 19 & # 20 . We also ate at StarBucks . After finished everything . We went to Boulevard Shopping Complex . Last shop . Here we bought KFC & my mom's Pants , 3 pants . 

   Since we used my mom's Sister's Husband's Car , we went backed to her house & took our car . Placed everything , went to the toilet & go straight ahead home . But we waved first lah . I felt asleep on the way backed home . But that time we we're still at Kampong Senkurong . But luckily no Traffic Jam . ^.^ 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great Friends

   Just now when I came backed from Ugama School I was wondering what should I post . Then I was like Hey ! Why shouldn't I blog about my Bffs ? :'D  :-

   My #1 Rasyid . Bff :) He's also 12 years old but luckily I'm older than him ! He's birthday is on the 25th August while mine is 14th August . Hhhmmm , all I can say is that he's funny & mostly fun to hang out with ! Like to rock . Love green just like me ! 

   We've been friends since Primary 4 . We like to go jalanx2 together ! I only know a few about his personalities though ... Well , I think . 
NEXT ---> 
   # 2 Bff ;) Amirul . As usual ! I'm older than him too . He loves music . He wish to be a drummer when he grow up . Veryx2 Funny . Knows how to play a few instruments . He also got the same characteristic like mine which is ******** ! :D 

   We've been friends since Primary 3 . Can be serious at some points . ^+^ I have no idea what color he likes . That's all ... 

NEXT --- > 

  Hamizul .  Actually I promise not to display this picture but I can't find any good pictures of him ! So I'm just gonna use this picture , Sorry ;) He's always being nice to me , but I like it . Again ! I'm older than him . 

   Like techno , shuffling , rock stuff & music . Can be very funny . ^.^

NEXT --- >

   Wasimatul . A very cheerful friend ! Kinda ;) Love to talk & cari pasal which I like about her " cari pasal " . I'm older than her =_=' . But she's taller than me . I know a few about her . Mostly her dark secret . ^.^ '

   Love Pink & Black . Pink Lover ! Or I like to call her " Shoe-Lover " ! :D Not a selfish person ! :o)

NEXT --- >

   Jovial ! :) Who teaches me lots of Bad-Words . I'm Older than her !!! Love to help her friends . Also like to share some secrets to me . Very Honest & Kind . A new student last year . 

   She like Purple , White & Black . <3 Rabbits . Also got the same characteristic like me. ( You guys don't wanna know ) . 

NEXT --- >


   Hassanol . Also funny . Nickname : Casper . Everytime I'm feeling a little bit down , he always cheers me up . Love to laugh . A little bit like Hamizul . 

   Love to share his secrets to me . His also nice & kind & polite & honest . I don't know whose older . Like to PEACE :D

NEXT --- >


Nabilah . A little it of a Drama Queen x) Jk jk * Love her dance . We call it Nabilah's Dance . Like to share her secrets to me too . Sorry , I didn't get a nice pic . Anyways , she also like to help people .

   Favorite color ? Idk . I'm older than her . Favorite word : Shut up lah you . (x Like to punch & pinch people . 

--- > END < ---

Those are my Bffs . Awesome Friends too 
Never regret calling them friends 
! Best Friends Forever !
Until The End 


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Taste

    Today was the first time my Niece ate a porridge . She's really Loving it ! ^.^ 
Pictures : 

   I like the first Pic . She was trying to hold the spoon :) Gud Luck Niece ! :D

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ugama School

Ugama School

   Today Ugama School something weird happened to me . As if I'm not me , it's like I was somebody else . I'm not joking ! When I was about to go to my classroom Salihin said : " Apa liatx2 ! " . & I was like " F*** you ! . " Everything was normal then . Since I was the only boy in class I went down to get some Fresh Air . Then things staredt to change ... Suddenly I walked towards the girls beside the Dewan . When I turned backed , Nasran was following me . Then I was like " Ke Dewan tah ! " . So we went to the Dewan . In the Dewan I talked to myself ... I can't really understand what I was saying but more like a weird sound I made . Like this : Mmmggrrmmm .... After a minute or 2 Rasyid came with Amirul . Rasyid sat beside me & Amirul sat beside him . I began to get really ANGRY as if someone was disturbing me . I didn't talk either . I just kept quiet ... After finished praying I ignored them & straight went into my classroom . As if I was being Possess

Possess = If you possess something, you have it or own it.
           He was then arrested and charged with possessing an offensive weapon...
           He is said to possess a fortune of more than two-and-a-half-thousand million dollars.

   2  VERB  no cont, V n


      If someone or something possesses a particular quality, ability, or feature, they have it. (FORMAL)
           ...individuals who are deemed to possess the qualities of sense, loyalty and discretion...

   3  see also possessed

   4  PHRASE  V inflects  feelings


      If you ask what possessed someone to do something, you are emphasizing your great surprise that they have done something which you consider foolish or dangerous.
           What on earth had possessed her to agree to marry him?

   It wasn't over . In class Hakeem said : " napakan si Sanal ahh ? " Rasyid replied " Entah . " I opened my empty book & began to write Nonsense things . I tore a piece of paper & wrote :

It is the end ...
2060 or 3100 .
Spear me if you want !
Help me ...
I'm freezing in anger . 
My soul is with you .
You are my God .
So help me ..
( & Others , I forgot )

   It was REALLY creepy . I stapled it & put it under my table . It was still going on until Solat Period was over . Then I began to feel happy again . My heart was opened . But I was still angry at someone ! Not Rasyid . But somebody else . Until NOW I still hate him ! Unless he stops being so sombong

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Body

   My Body / Muscles still hurts cause of all the Bouncering yesterday at Wasimatul's Birthday Party . I'm reallyx3 tired ! >.< ~ Once I lay down , it's hard for me to get up / stand up . As if there's a magnet . & My room is very COLD . It suddenly turns cold for the last 2 days . That's why I'm wearing Jacket & a pair of socks when I go to sleep . My veins also hurts . I think that's it ... I seriously need to get some rest ! *Yawn* .

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 / 10 / 10

   Hey ! Look guys its 10 / 10 / 10 ! I try to make this post a little bit longer . Luckily I got so many things to post ... Not really , kinda ... Okey , Idk .

A New Day

   Okey , this morning I woke around 7:00 +++ I watched TV all the way until my dad called me to go down to take my Breakfast . I ate a bread , red beans , sausages & a glass of milk . After finished eating I went up to my room & continued watching TV . I took a shower at 10:48 am . Since in the afternoon I was free I decided to go to Wasimatul's Birthday Party . I didn't expect Aisar to call me . He asked me to picked him up at Kampong Tungku . I left at 1:15 am from home . My father & Driver followed . But my dad drove . When we finished picking up Aisar we went to Wasimatul's House . Her house was very close to Hanan's house . O.O' That's why I was like " Omg ~ It's the same as Hanan's House is located . "

Wasimatul's Party

   Her Birthday Party Rocks ! Her father greeted us in a Nice Way , he also carried his umbrella to welcome us . Cause it was raining . Her house was BIG . She had 2 Bouncers , one is the sliding & the other one is the bouncing . Btw I didn't brought my extra clothes , towels & pants cause I'm not suppose to go Bouncering . Cause my Mom scared my Spectacles will broke . -.-' Anyways , only a few of Wasimatul's friends came ... Which were also my friends . They were : Aisar , Nabilah , Fira , Jovial , Fairuz , Amirah & Afiqah . They were only 2 boys which were Me & Aisar >.< ~ I brought my Camera but I didn't take lots of Pictures . Before Wasimatul & her sisters cakes arrived , we ate first . The food was also Okey . >Catering< Their cakes were Nice .

Pictures :

   We only ate Wasimatul's cake which was Strawberry . Then we went to BOUNCING ! The girls changed their clothes upstairs while Aisar & I waited downstairs . Okey , at first I only played the Boucing Bouncer . I played it with Nabilah & Fira with some dude & a child . We purposely made Nabilah fell down . She kept on Shouting ! :| LolZz , then all of us played at the Bouncing Bouncer . Since I was wet already , I decided to go play at the Sliding Bouncer . Before that I tried to call my Mom but she didn't answer . I wanted to tell her to bring me an extra clothes when she pick us up . It was reallyx3 fun . All of us kept on pushing each other . After ahile later , Wasimatul's sister brought Water Guns . Me & Aisar played until 5:30 pm since we go home together . Forgot , when I checked my Phone I saw my mom was calling me , so I told her lah about bringing me an extra clothes & etc ... Nabilah played at the last minute . Cause she was scared to slide ... But she had fun though ...

At Home

   I didn't do much at home . But my back still hurts cause of all the Jumping . I did played with my Nephew for an hour +++ . & I ate burger . I also edited the photos I took . I watched " Up " . Cause nothing else fun to do anyway . I also chat with Jovial & Nabilah . I tried to call Rasyid but can't . Maybe he doesn't have any credit .

10 / 10 / 10

   10 / 10 / 10 is really a nice number . Even my Mom agreed with me . All of them are even , starts with Numer 1 & ends with Number 0 . 10th October , 2010 . ^.^ !!! I hope next year Wasimatul invited us again to her Birthday Party !!! :) (:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

This Morning's Dream

   I forgot to tell you guys about my Dream this morning . This dream is a little bit weird + ... Weirder.  I dreamt about " Selena Gomez " ! Story : Okey , somehow I was in another country that doesn't speak English . At the same time , Selena was also performing there . The fans shouted : " Lena ! Lena ! Lena ! " . Then suddenly Selena was at my house . I was also confused :S I only asked for her Autographed . Appear out of nowhere , a small girl also asked for her Autographed . The small girl was really cute , wore pink clothes & white-skinned . Selena was sure in a hurry to go . ( I also don't know why I said this ) I said : " Hey Selena ! If you visit Brunei again you can sleep at my house . " She answered back : " Okey ! " ( I know , I know ... It's REALLY weird ) . It was really a nice dream + Weird ( I know , you guys got sick of me saying " Weird " ! x'D )

A few pics of Selene Gomez I took from the Internet :

Ugama School ( 9th October . 2010 )

   Today Ugama School was great . Only a few students were present . Like : Me , Rasyid , Fatyn , Abby , Fikri , Nadzirul , Aqif , Muaz , Bazlina & Hanis . We didn't learn today though ... All of us were asked to go to the Dewan . Btw , Teacher ( Our Teacher ) asked Rasyid , Fikri & Me to take a picture of all , students , teachers , ceremony , presents giving , principle & etc ... But Fikri didn't take a picture . So it was just me & Rasyid . We took turn .

   After everything was finished , all of us went to out own classes . At class was also Fun . We all shout , went wild , screamed , played & etc ... Rasyid his Fatyn's bag & Rasyid , Me & Arit locked her outside . She gone crazy @_@ after that . LolZz ^.^ They ( Including our Teacher ) took pictures of us . Our Teacher is kind , helpful , funny & awesome !

Friday, October 8, 2010

Right Now ( 10:16pm )

   Now I'm chatting with Jovial . So FUN , as usual she's AWESOME . We talked about Wasimatul's Birthday Party & others . But we talked  a lot about _ _ _ _ _ _ 's Personal , brother , sister & etc . . . We even say bad things about her Brother ! Including herself . ( Don't think I'm talking about you ) I say he looks like a Rat & she went crazy . . . ( I have sins ehhh say he looks like a Rat xbbb ) SERIOUSLY , it's fun chatting with Jovial . I also went to Melody's Brother's Blog : http://samonthepiano.blogspot.com/ < --- Don't forget to check out his blog !!! *x'pp Nothing else ... So i think that's it ! ^.^


Bahasa Melayu Paper 2 & Science paper 1 & 2

   I know , I should have blog this things yesterday but yesterday busy . Well , not really ;) Okey , BM Paper 2 was a little hard though ... I did kaku macam penari . Cause it says Lakonan ( I forgot ) kaku macam _____ . I thought the word " kaku " means great . 

   Science Paper 1 & 2 was easy . Only a few I didn't know . 

!!! PSR OVER !!!
   Finally PSR is over ! Now I can sleep , play games & etc ... Well , I'm also gonna miss my Bffs :

1. Rasyid                                                     

2. Jovial
3. Nabilah                                                                                
4. Hassanol                                                                    
5. Wasimatul                                             
6. Hamizul
7. Amirul     

   Banana + Monkey :DD Weird much ? *:bb Hope we're gonna be Friends * FOREVER * .                          

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PSR Bahasa Melayu Paper 1 & General Paper

   For Bahasa Melayu , I picked number 3 which was " Kawan Saya Yang Baik Hati " . I chose Rasyid . It was okeyx2 lah , not too easy & not too hard . & The words I just made it up x) 

   For General Paper , Geography was hard at first . But when I remembered almost everything it became easy , that's why I finished late . Sejarah also the same . Tomorrow is the last day of PSR ... :D Sure gonna miss my Friends : Rasyid , Wasimatul , Hamizul , Hassanol , Nabilah , Amirul & Jovial . 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PSR English Paper 1 & 2

   Before the exam started , as usual lah my Bff(s) with Melody's group ucapx2 again lah but this time more exciting ! :) I fought with Melody ! Cause I can't stand it anymore . Paper 1 , Section A , I chose about the Beautiful Pond .  Section B , I chose about : " What I did during the School Holidays . " It was really easy . 

   Break Time so boring but got the fun part lah a little bit . T.Joe asked the boys to sit on the right while the girls sat on the left . Meaningly boys & girls are being separated . Nothing much happened during Break Time . 

   Paper 2 , as usual , before the exam started , Fira & Faustina was fighting ^.^ When Faustina was about to sit Fira pulled her chair , so she was ABOUT to fell . Faustina was really frustrated that she threw her chair & stared at Fira . Fira was laughing cause her chair fell x) . A few minites before starting , Faustina gave Fira " .|. " . Melody & I was laughing . Paper 2 was also easy . But don't be too confident though ... 

Monday, October 4, 2010

PSR Maths Paper 1 & 2

   Paper 1 Maths was not too bad . But I did answered all the questions . Well , weird things happened to me again ... I forgot if it happened in Paper 1 or 2 . But the question I still remember . It's about Liter . There's a picture on the left side . The picture was a bucket full of water . But when the Invigilator asked us to go along the paper , when I saw the picture , there was a rabbit holding the bucket . Then I triple checked it again , but the rabbit was still there . When the Exam started , I went in the question again but this time there was NO RABBIT on the picture O.O' , I was confused :S & Stopped for awhile .

   Break Time was super duper fun . I showed my Bff(s) a paper . ( Not an ordinary paper ) . Then they all were angry at her . Amirah wanted to threw something but malas  & sayang her Ribena . Melody & her friends kept asking me to follow them at the backed . -.-' Then when they saw Jovial & the other we're spying , they said : " Stalkers ! " . xbb < Watever > . Then when the teachers asked all the Primary to lined-up , Aqil & the others ucapx2 M & her Friends . 

   When the next Exam about to arrive we settled down on our own places . Melody gave me 2 letters , Saying : (1) DAMN U ! (2) Well , the fight for me is yes !!! Then she jaling me like WHAT !? Watever , at least Fun bah (x Paper 2 is a little bit hard for me though ... When the exam was about to finished Hong Ann made funny noises , then Melody looked at me & smiled ... Outside I smiled too lah . But inside I was like : " Waw , okey ... 0.o " . When go home time , I talked with Arif & Wasimatul & Hamizul & Hassanol & Rasyid . But mostly talked with Wasimatul & Arif . We ( Me & Wasi ) talked about the Paper 2 thing . & We ( Me & Arif ) talked about Ugama School . 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Mall & PSR ( Tomorrow )

The Mall

   It's been a long time I didn't go to The Mall . Well , before I went there I got Tuition first , 9:00am -  11.00 am . Then my brother picked me up & went there with my nephew , niece , sister-in-law & my 2 aunties . It's kinda " okey " . I saw T.Genwina & T.Zarinah ( Forgot her name , Info : She was my class teacher Primary 4 & I think Primary 2 she taught me , Now she don't work in SMS anymore ) Anyways , I salam T.Genwina & continue walking . My nephew bought a bubble . It was fun ( Since I didn't play bubble for a very long time ) . 

   We ate at Hot Point . I ordered Butter Prawn & Apple Juice . After finished eating , me & my nephew played the bubble . We walked & walked & after that I forgot . (x , it was very tiring ... Owh , almost forgot . At the Ground Floor when I was walking suddenly things turned weird . I didn't have a headache but when walked / stepped it seems like I'm floating or sinking underground ( Not Joking ) . & I also learned Science Primary 4 & Maths . 

!!! P.S.R. !!!

   Well , tomorrow is PSR already . We're having the PSR at " Sayyidina Hasan " . Time sure Flies ... My target it's not actually getting 5A's ( But hopefully got 5A's lah ) . I don't really care if I went to Maktab Sains or just go to an ordinary school . I just want myself to be happy . To the others : !!! Good Luck !!! Don't be nervous nor panic . Just imagine that it's an ordinary Exam but much more Important .