Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Mall with Rasyid

   I didn't blog yesterday cause I have NO IDEA what to blog about . 

   I never expected that I'm REALLY gonna go jalanx2 with Rasyid today . Yesterday my Mom asked me to go jalanx2 with Rasyid to The Mall . Then I told him during Ugama School he said : Ow . Today all of us went to Hua Ho Manggis . We ate at Sugar Bun . Since I was really bored , I told my Mom to call Rasyid's Mom if we can go jalanx2 together . Then she said Yes . We met at Triple M / Star caused we need to buy a Mask again there . Our Mask are really Ugly ! >.< ~ I guess .

   After that Rasyid followed my car & my Dad dropped us at Best Eastern ! :D My mom gave me $ 20 while  Rasyid's Mom gave him $ 25 . At first I wanna buy TSGS at Best Eastern since it was really expensive I decided not to buy it . We went up & down the escalator . At the beginning , we played at UNI . We also ate at KFC & the small restaurant selling drinks & Creeps . We also ate Ice-Cream . Vanilla Ice-Cream . Luckily our money were enough . I wanted to use the Lift to go down , Basement 1 . But we used a different lift . I thought the lift was stuck cause it took us 5-10 minutes just to wait until it was ready for us to use it . ^.^ This is the fun part . When we went in , the door seems stuck to me so I shouted until the people outside heard me . I wasn't embarrass though ... But we took the wrong lift . When we came out it was in a middle of a parking . So we changed lift again . 

   Melody was right ! O.O' I'm really Violent . Cause one of the games at UNI was stuck , so I hit & punched the machine so badly ! :D But it's really fun . I wanted to bring my Camera & phone along but my Mom said No need . We were in the Mall for 4 hours ! Fun ! Fun ! Fun ! 


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