Thursday, March 31, 2011

无聊 - Bored

Assalamualaikum ~
Today was FUN & Awesome =)
I played with Adib , Aubrey , Maisarah , Afiffah , Rosatikah & Fiqah . 
But at the end ... the teacher came & told us a TRUE Makab Sains Ghost Story that happened yesterday or last week .
But too bad !
I can't tell you guys , it's a secret . Sorry :(

Anyways , I'm really bored right now .

我真的爱你 A !

Haha ~ Bored , see -.-'
I can't wait for my Exam/Test this Monday ! 
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That's for now ...
Bye guys =)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

10th Day Of Holiday ( Last Day Of Holiday )

Assalamualaikum ~
-_-' BORINGG ! Today is the last day of holiday . 
I'm not ready !
Don't believe me ?
Try asking my pet if I'm ready or not :-

LolZz ~ I just took that picture from the internet . 
Just now I went to Aubrey's house because we're celebrating his little brother's birthday .
I gave him chocolates , hope he likes it >.<"
I'm too tired to blog right now =/

I haven't learn my Ugama Books .
Finally , my Bahasa Melayu composition is finish ! =)
So happy , thanks to my mother .
That's for now -.-' Sorry for my short post , I'm really tired . 
Bye guys S148G

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Maria Aragon

Assalamualaikum ~
When I was looking through the Home Page on Facebook . 
A friend of mine ( Kevin Anil ) posted a video of a famous Philippine girl singing . 
All credits should be given to him =)
Thanks Kevin for sharing that video , hehe ...
Anyways , here's some informations I took from :-

Maria Lourdes Aragon (born July 17, 2000) is a Filipino-Canadian singer from WinnipegManitoba.
On February 16, 2011, a video of Maria Aragon performing a cover of "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga was posted to her sister's YouTubechannel to showcase Maria's talent to friends and family. The video caught Lady Gaga's attention and she was so impressed by Maria's performance that she retweeted a link to the video to her eight million followers, causing a sensation and launching Maria to instant international fame.[1] The video garnered over 10 million views on YouTube in five days. In 6 days, her video, "Born This Way (Cover)" on Youtube had reached over 25 million views.
Toronto's Virgin Radio 99.9 was the among the first media outlets to reach out to Maria and attempted to fly Maria and her family to Toronto so that Maria could perform live on air. Those plans were cancelled due to the weather. During an interview on HOT 103 in Winnipeg, Lady Gaga called into the show to tell Maria how moved she had been by her performance. Lady Gaga then invited an already surprised Maria to perform "Born This Way" with her at The Monster Ball Tour concert in Toronto in March, an offer which Maria enthusiastically accepted. On March 3, 2011, Maria joined Lady Gaga on stage in front of a packed audience at the Air Canada Centre, where together they performed an acoustic duet of "Born this Way" with Maria sitting on Gaga's lap, playing piano and Lady Gaga working the pedals. At the end of the song, Gaga turned the microphone over to Maria who thanked the audience and Gaga for allowing her to perform.
Maria later rejoined Lady Gaga and her team of back up dancers for an uptempo finale version of "Born this Way" culminating in a group hug and loud cheers from the audience.
American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres took notice of her from Lady Gaga's tweet and invited Maria to appear on her show on February 21, 2011, where Maria again performed "Born This Way" on the piano earning a standing ovation from the audience.
Aragon is a fifth-grade student at the Isaac Brock School. [2] She lives with her parents, two sisters and a brother in Winnipeg.

She's awesome , right ? Haha ~
Here's a photo of here :

& Here's a few videos I took from Youtube :-

That's for now ;D
Enjoy !

Earth Hour 2011

! Earth Hour !

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Entertainment For My Visitors

Assalamualaikum ~
Hope you enjoy these songs :-

Demi Lovato Singing In Spanish - Lo que soy

Selena Gomez & The Scene Performs ' A Year Without Rain ' & In Spanish Live on Lopez Tonight 

A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez & The Scene UNICEF performance ( at The Roxy ) 

7th Day Of Holiday

Assalamualaikum ~
Uhhh ! >.<
A few of my friends Broke Up during this holiday .
& A lot of my friends had an argument with his/her bf/gf . 

Lucky I'm single , haha ~
It's really weird you know ...
We're suppose to have lots of fun during this holiday but instead they fought with their beloved ones . 
Hm ... Still Weird

Weird - If you describe something or someone is weird , you mean that they are strange .

What ? I'm jobless , hehe .  

Relationship ------> Broke up -------> Heart Broken 

My visitors are decreasing =/
So sad ...
At least I already done my English ( Classwork ) & IRK homeworks .
But I still need to do my English ( Workbook ) & Bahasa Melayu composition .

Last night I slept around ... 1:30am =)
Hehe ~ I couldn't sleep last night & I'm addicted to this song :

Why Don't You Kiss Her

I hate the ending part >_<
No Offense !
I haven't memorize 3 Surahs :-

Surah Al-Tin ( The Fig ) 

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious , Most Merciful .

1. By the Fig And the Olive ,

2. And the Mount Of Sinai ,

3. And this City Of security - 

4. We have indeed created man In the best of moulds ,

5. Then do We abase him ( To be ) the lowest Of the low -

6. Except such as believe And do righteous deeds : For they shall have A reward unfailing .

7. Then what can , After this , contradict thee , As to the Judgment ( To come ) ?

8. Is not Allah the wises of Judges ?

Surah Al-Qadr (The Night of Power of Honour)

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious , Most Merciful .

1. We have indeed revealed This ( Message ) In The Night of Power :

2. And what will explain To thee what the Night Of Power is ?

3. The night of Power Is better than A thousand Months .

4. Therein come down The angels and the Spirit By Allah's permission On every errand :

5. Peace ! ... This Until the rise of Morn !

Surah Al-Bayyinah ( The Clear Evidence )

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious , Most Merciful .

1. Those who reject ( Truth ) , Among the People of the Book And among the Polytheists , Were not going to depart ( From their ways ) until There should come to them Clear Evidence -

2. A messenger from Allah , Rehearsing scriptures Kept pure and Holy :

3. Wherein are laws ( or decrees ) Right and straight .

4. Not did the People of the Book Make schisms , Until after there came To them Clear Evidence .

5. And they have been commanded No more than this : To worship Allah , Offering Him sincere devotion , Being True ( in faith ) ; To establish regular Prayer ; And to practise regular Charity ; And that is the Religion Right and Straight . 

6. Those who reject ( Truth ) , Among the People of the Book And among the Polytheists , Will be in Hellfire , To dwell therein ( for aye ) . They are the worst Of creatures .

7. Those who have faith And do righteous deeds - they are the best of creatures .

8. Their reward is with Allah : Gardens of Eternity , beneath which rivers flow ; They will dwell therein Forever ; Allah well pleased With them , and they with Him : All this for such as Fear their Lord and Cherisher .

That's it I guess =)
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Bye guys -S148G- XxX

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Very Confusing Story

Assalamualaikum ~ 
Hi guys ! =) I just made a really weird story .
I posted it on Facebook just now , so might as well post it on my blog too .
Enjoy reading !
Comment please =)
Thanks guys . 


Boy : Hey . How are you ?
Girl : Hey ! Fine , how about you ?
Boy : Fine too . Hm ... I got something to tell you .
Girl : Okey , what is it ? 
Boy : Actually , I love you .
Girl : Ouwh ~ How sweet you are ! 
Boy : *Blushing* , hehe .
Girl : But I gotta tell you something . I'm only 10 years old , I promised myself not to be in a relationship with someone .
Boy : *Sad* , ouwh . 
Girl : I'm sorry . I can only be in a relationship if I'm 12 years old . Sorry , okey ?
Boy : Okey . 
Girl : Bye ... I miss you & I kinda love you too . *Smiling* 


2 years later 


Boy : Hello . Still remember me ?
Girl : Hi . Of course !
Boy : Since you're already 12 years old ... So , you wanna be in a relationship with me ? 
Girl : Sure ! I've been waiting for this moment . So yeah , guess I have 2 boyfriends now .
Boy : WHATTT ??? D= 
Girl : Wait !!! I'm actually in a relationship with my ...


Boy : ( Heartbroken ) , I knew it ... I'm not that perfect to have a special girl like her . Might as well I die . I mean yeah , we have the same age but still ... ( crying ) . Hope she's happy with her boyfriend . 

1 year later


Girl : Hey ....
Boy : Hey .
Girl : You see . Actualy my other boyfriend was just my Teddy Bear !
Boy : Wth !? 
Girl : ( Smiling ) , yeah . It's true ... Hope you're not angry .
Boy : ( Regret everything ) , I'm not angry :)
Girl : I still love you ... 
Boy : I love you too .
Girl : You wanna go to The Mall tomorrow ? ( In her mind : Hope we kiss ! ) 
Boy : I'd love too ! What time ? 
Girl : Hm , 1pm - 5pm . Okey ?
Boy : Okey . 

The Mall 

Boy : ( Omg ! She's gorgeous ) 
Girl : ( Omg ~ He's handsome ) 
Boy : ( Holding her hands ) , wanna watch a movie ?
Girl : ( Blushing ) , sure .

Girl : That movie was awesome !
Boy : I know right ? 
Girl : What do you wanna do now ? 
Boy : Let's walk .
Girl : Hehe ~ 
Boy : So ... since when you love me ?
Girl : Since the day I met you . How about you ?
Boy : Same answer . 
Girl : Ouwh ~
Boy : ( Closing her eyes ) .
Girl : ( Hoping for a kiss ) .
Boy : ( Opening her eyes ) .
Girl : ( A bit disappointed ) , wow ! How romantic . This necklace is for me ?
Boy : Yeah . You like it ?
Girl : I LOVE IT !


Boy : Guess it's time for me to go .
Girl : Me too , ( Sad ) .
Boy : Hm ~ Hope we can hangout again , ( Sweating ) .
Girl : Yeah , same here . 
Boy : Bye Baby ... KISS . 
Girl : ( 100% Delight ) , bye darling . 

Many , many , many years later 


Boy : Hi honey ! We're in a relationship for 10 years now !
Girl : Hey darling . Yeah , I know right ? I'm very happy !
Boy : Can you go to The Mall , later on ? Around 3:30pm ?
Girl : Sure , but why ?
Boy : It's a surprise . 
Girl : ( Heartbeat beating so fast ) , okey !

The Mall , 3:30pm 

Boy : ( Looking ) , ahh ! There she is . 
Girl : Hey darling .
Boy : Hey sweetheart . 
Girl : So , what's up ?
Boy : ( Kneel down ) , will you ... marry me ? 
People : Awww ~ So sweet .
Girl : ( SURPRISE ) , YES !!! I will marry you .
Boy & Girl : Hugging each other . 

When We Danced

Soft gentle stare
Warm tender touch
You took my hand
And we danced

Arms around me
Light dragging moves
Cheek warm against mine
Breathing deep from the soul

Long have I searched
Finally I have found
When you took my hand
And we danced

 - Gladys Huraño - 

- The End - 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet The Boy Who Says He Visited Heaven And Saw Jesus

Assalamualaikum ~
Before that I didn't say I believe in this story .
I believe it at first but then when it says " And Saw Jesus " .
It somehow ... Nevermind ! =)
Anyways , enjoy the story . 
& I'm not 100% confirm if it's true or not .

After a burst appendix nearly cost 4-year-old Colton Burpo his life in 2003, his parents were thankful just to have him alive and well. But when he opened up about his brush with death a few months later, they were shocked when he described a very vivid trip to heaven, and spoke of matters about which he had no apparent way of knowing.
During an automobile trip, when Sonja Burpo asked him about his memories of being in the hospital, little Colton replied: “Yes, Mommy, I remember — that’s where the angels sang to me.” A sweet answer, to be sure — but then Colton made his parents’ jaws drop when he told them about sitting in Jesus’ lap, watching his parents while he lay seemingly near death, and meeting his great-grandfather.
But most poignantly, Colton described meeting a sibling in heaven — even though he had no way of knowing that his mother had miscarried two years before he was born, since his parents had never told him.
Jesus and John the Baptist Todd Burpo began telling of his son’s heaven-sent visions from the pulpit of the Crossroads Wesleyan Church in Imperial, Neb., where he serves as pastor. Word of mouth spread, and the family landed a book deal. The book — “Heaven Is for Real,” written by Todd with co-writer Lynn Vincent — has become a best-seller, with some 1.5 million copies in print since its release in November.
Read an excerpt from ‘Heaven Is for Real’ 
Appearing live on TODAY Monday with Sonja and Colton, who’s now 11, Todd told Matt Lauer he understands that naysayers may believe Colton’s story is a little too heavenly to be true — initially, so did he and Sonja. “At first we were surprised; we never anticipated to talk to our son about these things,” Todd told Matt Lauer.
“We didn’t share at first, and then once we started sharing, people were amazed,” Sonja Burpo added. “They were encouraged by what we were sharing with them.”
Colton was stricken with appendicitis shortly before his fourth birthday. Family guilt was heavy — for five days he lay getting sicker and sicker with what the family believed was stomach flu, which had previously hit Colton’s older sister Cassie.
Little Colton nearly didn’t make it: He lay in a hospital bed for 17 days. When he finally rallied, the family rejoiced — but they were floored when, months later, the boy began matter-of-factly describing what he had experienced when he was in between life and death: seeing Jesus dressed in royal purple, meeting John the Baptist, having angels sing to him to ease his anxiety.
 Video: ‘Pops’ had ‘huge wings’ in heaven, boy says (on this page)
The Burpos believed these were things Colton could have gleaned from his Bible studies. But he also told his mother he saw her talking on the phone in another room while he was having surgery, and saw his father praying in a small room, all while he was seated in Jesus’ lap.
“What caught my attention was he could tell me where I was while he was in surgery,” Todd told Lauer. “The surgeon couldn’t tell me that, the nurses couldn’t, my wife couldn’t tell me where I was praying. But he could tell me.”
Shocking revelation Colton also spoke of meeting a long-departed relative in heaven, telling NBC News: “I was just sitting by the Holy Spirit and then this guy comes up to me and says, ‘Are you Todd’s son?’ I say yes, and he says, ‘Well, I’m his grandfather.’ ”
Colton said that everyone in heaven has wings. On Monday, he described his great-grandfather “Pops” as being “very big, huge wings, curly hair, a big smile, and he was very nice.”
But the real shocker came when Colton told his mother, “Mommy, I have two sisters.” Sonja told her son that he had to be referring to his oldest sister, Cassie, and his cousin Traci, but he responded: “No — I have two sisters. You had a baby die in your tummy, didn’t you?”
Sonja told Lauer the family had never uttered a word about the miscarriage to Colton — and what’s more, they never even learned the sex of their miscarried child. “It was a private hurt that we didn’t even share with our friends,” Sonja said, adding Colton’s revelation was at first “shocking, but then a relief that she’s OK, which we didn’t know she was a she.”
In a subsequent TODAY segment Monday, Sonja filled in Colton’s description of his meeting with his sister: “He told us what she looked like, and she wouldn’t stop hugging him. And she doesn’t have a name.”
“When he told us about his sister in heaven, that we hadn’t told him about, [it was] another one of those ‘holy cow’ moments — OK, he can’t make this stuff up, he can’t invent this; no memory was planted,” Todd told Lauer. “But the peace that came over us, and the healing, like, ‘Wow, I have a daughter in heaven waiting for me’ — I think a lot of people need that type of hope and healing, too. And I think that’s what a lot of people are finding when they hear Colton’s testimony, to know what they have to look forward to.”
When Lauer asked Colton what heaven looked like, the 11-year-old replied, “Well, there’s a lot of color. There are a lot of people and a lot of angels.”
In his second segment later on Monday, Colton gave Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb some additional details — such as the fact that there are no old people in heaven. “Nobody wears glasses, [and] you’re in like your 20s, 30s.”
Todd Burpo told The New York Times that the family is donating much of the money they make from the book sales. As for Colton, he’s mostly happy his story is helping people.
“People are getting blessed, and they’re going to have healing from their hurts,” the boy told the New York Times. “I’m happy for that.”
A little bit of entertainment :

I know some of you guys dislike him ...
LolZz ~ Anyways , bye guys ! =)
Good Night - S148G