Monday, October 18, 2010

Living Without Death

   I kept on saying " Living Without Death " for the past few days . I don't know why ... It just came out from my Mouth . Since then I've been thinking , is it possible to live without dying ? I mean c'mon , everyone's gonna die , right ? Is it really possible to live forever even though the universe collapse ? Well it is possible for Allah & other Gods of course . 

   ( This have nothing to do with the title ) I'm gonna make a website . So can you guys send me a Message at Facebook . My Facebook --- > . Send me a REAL Ghost Story & I'm also gonna post your stories at my website & also gonna post a Great Story ( Only the ones I pick )  from True Singapore Ghost Story book . Pls !!! Tell you're friends about it too ! Or just send me a message at my E-mail : . There's a lot MORE about my website so just wait & see . Thanks . 

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