Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Maktab Sains

Students' Rules & Regulations

Students :

1. Must wear complete school uniform at the college , while representing the college for function and during extra classes .

2. Must respect staff and other students at college .

3. Must be honest and courteous at all times .

4. Must be punctual for classes and other college activities .

5. Must remember to bring relevant books to school everyday .

6. Must complete homework and classwork and hand in on time stipulated by the teacher .

7. Must not use correction fluids in the examination .

8. Must co-operate with the Student Council at all times .

9. Must not vandalize college property .

10. Must not wear jewellery to school .

11. Must not bring large sums of money , expensive property , walkman , disc-man , laptops , CD players , mobile phones and pagers . The school will not be responsible for any loss of items

12. Any lost properties / fighting / vandalism will be reported to the relevant authorities

13. Must not smoke , gamble or take part in any unauthorized collection in monies .

14. Must be in college during school hours . Written permission must be obtained before leaving the college .

15. Must report injuries , offences or strangers in the college to the Administration immediately .

16. Must not patronize the canteen during lesson times . 

( Not included ) These are some words that might be difficult to understand :

1. Courteous - Someone who is courteous is polite and respectful to other people.

2. Punctual - If you are punctual, you do something or arrive somewhere at the right time and are not late.

3. Relevant - Something that is relevant to a situation or person is important or significant in that situation or to that person.

- The relevant thing of a particular kind is the one that is appropriate.

4. Stipulate - If you stipulate a condition or stipulate that something must be done, you say clearly that it must be done.

5. Walkman - A Walkman is a small cassette player with light headphones which people carry around so that they can listen to music, for example while they are travelling. (TRADEMARK)

6. Unauthorized - If something is unauthorized, it has been produced or is happening without official permission.

Students' Rules & Regulations ( 2 )

Lateness / Absence / Truancy 

1. All students are expected to arrive at the college before 7:20am , every morning . Registration will take place between 7:15am and 7:30am . Afternoon Registration will take place between 12:45 and 1:00pm

2. Students who arrive after 7:30am and after 1:00pm will be considered late . They are to report HEP Room D003 , fill in the permission slip which will be filed in the attendance file for reference . their attendance will be mark ' L ' .

3. Students who arrive at 7:45 am / 1:15pm with appropriate  and acceptable reasons example medical appointment , will be marked as ' L2 ' ( late permission ) .

4. Late slips will not be issued at 12;30pm and 5:30om for afternoon session .

5. Students who came late thrice consecutively will be considered absent for one day .

6. Students without late slips will not be allowed to enter the class and will be considered as absent for that day .

7. Student who are absent for more than 3 days a month will be forfeit their subsistence allowance for that month . In such circumstances , parents will be contacted .

8. If percentage of attendance in less than 85% , the student will not be promoted to the next level in the coming academic year and will have to pay the Examination fees for the public exam of that year .

9. If a student wishes to be absent for a period of time during the term , a supporting letter from parents or guardian must be submitted ti the principal 2 weeks prior to the intended date of leave for approval . If it is not approved , then the student will be considered absent and this will lower the students' percentage of attendance in the Retention Scheme .

10. If a student is sick , a medical certificate must be produced and sent to the Principal via the form teacher either on the same day or when the student resumes school .

11. Parents will be contacted if students are absent without any reason .

12. Students who do not attend classes , extra classes , practical classes , school activities or co-curricular activities will be considered absent for a day and disciplinary action will be taken .

13. Student who are ill are advised to go home but must first report to the Students Affair Officer for approval to leave college either go home or to go to the hospital . Parents will be contacted .

14. Parents or any assign number of the student's family are to collect their children from the Administration Block .

15. Students who wish to leave the college for other reasons must report o the Senior Mistress Registrar . 

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