Thursday, December 30, 2010

Terrifying Nightmare

Hi =D
Gosh ! I had a nightmare just now , around 5:00+ am .
2 x !

Part 1 :

   When I woke up , I was tied up with some thick ropes . I can't move . I was absolutely paralyzed . I thought it was real cause it looks real to me . Then I knocked myself on the bed then I woke up . I looked around as if I saw something moving under the bed . It also shocked me to death , it was a big black glove that moved by itself . Then I woke up again . It's so weird ... I had a nightmare 2x in a dream .

Part 2 :

   This one is a little bit scarier . I was with some people . We we're in a foggy park , full of weird noises . We saw lots & lots of mother pushing her baby . The mothers were using black tudung  , white cloth & black high heels . Me & the others were so curious that we decided to call one of them . When she turned her face around we saw no eyes , bloody mouth , sharp fangs & a very blackish face . Her baby was very DISGUSTING ! Their figures were the same ... Then I woke up.

That's my dream for today .
Bye guys . Gonna blog again later ! =D
Haha ...
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Thanks ! (=

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